Pillows – A Secret Design Weapon

For many Destin Interior Designers pillows are not just a secret weapon for interior designing but they are also the icing on the cake! Instead of pillows being an afterthought they should be used to complete a color story. Pillows are also a great way to bring graphics and texture together as well as serve as prominent design accessories.

Where To Start

Are you confused about how to display your pillows? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Displaying pillows the right way does require some thought and planning. Sometimes it’s easier to hire an interior designer to take over and do all the thinking.

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Keep In Mind

Start from the back and work your way forward by organizing your pillows by size with the biggest pillows in the back and the smallest pillows up front. A popular trend is a cascading layout with the heaviest concentration of pillows in the center and the display becoming thinner on either end.

Another popular option for designing with pillows is to use ones that are all the same height and the same color instead of using a series of pillows that are high and low. This can help the design look flush and put together nicely.

The Arrangement

How you arrange your pillows can help make or break your room. It helps to have a plan whether you like a looser look or one that is more rigid.

To start, sort all of your pillows by color and then by size. Experimenting with different combinations can help you decide what fits best for your taste. When designing sofas it’s completely fine to have an odd amount of pillows on one side, or the opposite if you prefer a more symmetrical look.

One habit people often pick up is displaying their pillows the same way each time they need to redress their display, so having a specific routine will help create a cohesive and more consistent look.

Be Bold

Pillows are considered to be portable design, meaning you can take them wherever you want. Why not have a little fun with it? Use decorative pillows as an opportunity to introduce bold patterns and textures such as metallics or faux fur into your space, and if you don’t like the look you can always try another area in your home.

Bedroom Display

The bedroom is one of the most common spaces where people like to use display pillows. One popular trend is using only decorative pillows on the bed and putting the sleeping pillows in a closet or under the bed where it is unseen. Generally there are no rules when it comes to pillows in the bedroom. Because beds are large, there is a great opportunity to display a larger amount of pillows and not overwhelm the space.

A good rule of thumb is 2-3 decorative pillows on a twin bed, 5-6 pillows on a full or queen bed and 7-10 for king sized beds.

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