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Perfect curtains, perfect installation and perfect people to handle your decorating needs. Molly listens to you and works her magic to make your rooms a work of art. I am recommending Defined Interiors to everyone I know.

Traci Stevens
Client, Navarre, Florida


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Why Choose An Interior Designer?

November 7, 20171:05 pm
posted by Josh McMahan

pensacola interior designerAn important belief of Defined Interiors is that each person deserves to live in a space that is comfortable and enjoyable. It should be a reflection of who you are, and should be functional for your lifestyle. Incredible interior design doesn’t happen by chance; it’s carefully planned and created by trained professionals.

Many people can get confused or intimidated by the idea of hiring an interior designer. You may be concerned about the process of working with a designer and the cost of doing so. We completely understand your fears, so we have created a list of the great benefits of hiring an interior design company.

You’re getting a professional assessment. Hiring a licensed professional interior designer means you get an immediate plan of action for your space. A licensed interior designer has gone through many years of studying and training and experience to create the perfect balance, and a trained pair of eyes will be able to see things you are guaranteed to miss.

You will save time. Skip the stress and worry about what goes with what and if something matches or not. An interior designer will already know what needs to be done and how to do it.

You will save money. Have you ever bought a nice piece of furniture that ended up not fitting in your home or office? How about painting the same wall multiple times trying to find the perfect color? If you have a strict budget, an interior designer will know how to get the best value for you. A trained and experienced designer is used to working within a budget, so they can help you understand how to get the most with what you have to invest.

You will have better resources and contacts. Hiring a professional designer can help you easily find a qualified and tested contractor, electrician, or plumber you can trust. Designers work in the world of home improvement so they have reliable connections that you might need for your home or business. With these resources, your space is guaranteed to look unique and fit your own personal style.

You will give the WOW factor. Using an interior designer means you get certain furniture, fabrics, and material that may not be accessible to everyone else. You get custom-designed or crafted items that fit perfectly for your space. You don’t need to try to juggle all the elements that go into designing, that’s what the designer is specifically trained for. Hire a professional interior design company and people will surely notice your beautifully designed home.

Do you need help with your Residential or Commercial Interior Design? Defined Interiors is here to help. We offer a full range of interior design services that promises to provide you everything discussed above. We have the skills and experience in residential and commercial interior design and are ready to take on your project today. Call us at (850) 934-7776 to get started!


The Pros and Cons of Tiling a Shower with Natural Stone

January 8, 20161:14 pm
posted by brad

The beauty of natural stone is unsurpassed, but the look can come at a cost beyond the initial expense when it’s not properly cared for. With the right construction and a few simple tools, a natural stone bathroom can be easily maintained long term.

Integrating natural stone into a bathroom will quickly take it from blah to beautiful, but some homeowners shy away from natural stone for reasons beyond the extra cost. Natural stone has a reputation for being both higher maintenance and more easily damaged than synthetic materials.

While natural stone tiles and slabs must be pre-treated and regularly sealed to maintain their beauty and prevent mildew, the process has been streamlined so that busy homeowners can handle the extra effort. At the end of the day, most homeowners agree it’s worth it.

Natural stone shower basics.

Integrating natural stone into any room design makes that room one-of-a-kind. Each piece of stone has a unique look that helps keep a room’s aesthetic original. Stone can also be cut to any size and shape, so there are limitless options in the bathroom for surfacing vanity tops, bathtub decks, backsplashes, floors, and even whole walls, in addition to showers. Contact us for more information on how we can make this a reality for your interior design. (850) 934-7776

How to work with an Interior Designer

April 19, 201312:25 pm
posted by brad

Defined Interiors – Navarre Interior Design Firm and Hunter Douglas Gallery

Information that we feel will assist you in your design goals.



Destin Interior Designer

July 4, 201212:06 am
posted by brad

The Value of Interior DesignDestin Interior Designer

Choosing a new home can be a daunting task, but even more challenging is designing the interior of your new home. With so many options available it can become stressful and aggravating for someone without professional design experience. A Destin Interior Designer is aware of all the most modern trends and capable of maintaining cost without compromising the quality and creativity of the design.

Interior design can make your residence look elegant and beautiful. It is something that should be done meticulously, with skill and attention to the smallest detail.  If you do not choose a qualified Destin Interior Designer, then you could very well end up with unsatisfactory results that are not anything like you expected. In order to achieve the interior design that suits your lifestyle as well as taste, you need an experienced and creative interior designer.

A qualified Destin Interior Designer will discuss the general vision and creative ideas with you before setting anything in motion. You can review a room’s color scheme and develop a general feel of the house prior to the implementation of a design. You will feel confident in your designer when you have the ability to compare their creative vision with your interior wants and needs.

You and your family deserve to have a home with more than the white walls and tan floors that don’t do anything for the appeal or comfort of the house. Hiring a qualified Destin interior designer like Molly Riley at Defined Interiors will provide you with a home that is both gorgeous and distinguished.

At Defined Interiors we provide design service through personalized and professional communication with our clients. Our top priority is to meet your creative ideas through our design education, knowledge and experience. Whether you want to update your home or increase the attractiveness of your business, Defined Interiors has the resources to improve the environment.  Experience the service of a knowledgeable and experienced Destin Interior Designer. Contact Us and we will schedule an appointment for you or call us at (850) 934-7776.


Hunter Douglas Window Fashions Professional Dealer Program

June 5, 201112:19 pm
posted by brad

Hunter Douglas Window Fashions Professional Dealer Program

Molly Riley of Defined Interiors has earned certification through the Hunter Douglas Window Fashions Professional Dealer Program.

Molly has demonstrated a commitment to training and continued learning as an expert in window fashions from the leading custom window covering manufacturer, Hunter Douglas.

“We are very proud when window covering professionals become a Certified Professional Dealer. The training they receive allows them to better serve their customers and to promote themselves as the accomplished professionals that they are,” says Amy Lund, Director of Training for the Hunter Douglas Customer Education and Development Group

Pensacola Hunter Douglas Blinds

“The Hunter Douglas Professional Dealer Program has given me extensive product knowledge and business skills that allow me to offer my customers superior service, quality and delivery. This achievement has provided my company with a competitive edge and it identifies me as a go-to source for quality window coverings” said Molly Riley, President and Owner of Defined Interiors, Inc.

Defined Interiors is a Interior Design Firm and a Hunter Douglas Gallery and is located at 7552 Navarre Pkwy #23, Navarre, FL. Visit our website or call us at 850-934-7776.

Hunter Douglas Inc. is a national sponsor of Habitat for Humanity, covering windows in every Habitat home built in the U.S. and Canada. Headquartered in Upper Saddle River N.J., the company is the leading manufacturer of custom window coverings in North America

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