Choosing The Right Fabrics

Choosing The Right FabricsHaving the right fabric combination in a room delights your sense of sight and touch. It can also create harmony within the room and fit the functional needs of your family! When brainstorming with our clients, topics like lighting and colors pop up almost immediately. But don’t forget about fabrics! Having the cool, smooth feel of leather makes a room feel much different than the soft, warm feel of microfiber. Here are a few things that will help you in choosing the best fabrics for your home.

Understanding Fabrics

Fabrics are all over your home whether you realize it or not. You may have a fabric living room set or couch. Your bed sheets, comforter and even curtains are made of fabric and so is your carpet. Fabrics are typically textiles made from fibers and are a big part of your home. Choosing fabrics should require timely consideration during your interior design.


This is a given, but visuals matter, especially when you’re trying to achieve a harmonious style for your home or room. Different fabrics capture light in unique ways and also project colors in different ways! It’s important to think about how different fabrics will look within your home. For example, you can hold a swath of silk fabric in one hand and a swath of corduroy in another. Even if both samples are the same color, if you move the fabrics under a light you may see that the silk shines and the corduroy probably doesn’t. Make sure you to test fabric samples in natural sunlight and also in your room’s lighting before making any final decision.


Having a well-designed home greets the senses on a variety of levels. But it shouldn’t just look good from a distance; it should also feel good to the touch! We interact with the fabrics in our home on a daily basis – when you take your shoes off and sink your toes in the carpet, or wrap yourself up in a warm comforter. These sensations play a very large role in the comfort level of your room or home. When choosing fabrics make sure to touch it, test it out. How it feels as a sample will be how it feels in your home so make sure it meets your comfort level.


It’s important to make sure the fabrics you’re looking at makes a good fit for the realities of your family. Having good design is all about hidden functionality! While having white silk curtains makes a lovely statement in your living room, your dogs and children might not be able to keep it white for long. This means you may have to pass up stain-keeping and sensitive fabrics for of a more durable, stain-resistant fabric if you have small children, pets, or a hobby that can sometimes turn messy.

We understand there’s a lot to keep in mind when choosing the right fabrics for your interior design. We can help you choose the perfect fabrics for your home that will match your wants and needs. We have unlimited fabrics to choose from. Let us take the stress off your shoulders!

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