5 Popular Interior Paint Colors In 2019

2019 will be the time to add more natural looks to the the glam for materials and colors. When we mention neutral colors most people tend to think of white, gray or brown shades. Yet the two largest neutral colors are in nature – blue and green! By definition, a neutral color is one that can easily highlight accompanying colors without stealing the spotlight. Let’s check out some colors that will be particularly trendy this upcoming year that will inspire you to change it up!


This color is creamy with a touch of yellow. Its subtle presence has the power to illuminate a room by adding a sense of sunshine!

It’s the perfect color to enlarge a room without windows, like a bathroom, or intensify the light effect of an already bright room. It’s also a perfect choice for kitchens and dining rooms because creams are often associated with food!


If stress impacts your life, now is the time to integrate this color into your environment! Aqua mint has a positive impact on people who have difficulty getting calm and can help anxious people to relax!

Aqua mint can even go as far as lowering blood pressure. This color is connected with vitality, inner self, change and enthusiasm.


Do you know how that dark blue pair of jeans can match almost anything? Monaco is a neutral blue color that can optimize concentration, improve sleep and encourage meditation!

It’s your choice where you want to use these powers whether it is the bedroom, living room or office! It’s a perfect choice especially if you’re trying to make your furniture pieces pop!


As the most welcoming color of all, most of us are drawn to orange colored spaces. Orange is friendly and soft, making this earthy color perfect for living room and dining room spaces.

As it refers to ethnic colors, orange works beautifully with natural woods, tan leathers and colorful patterns.


Compared to dark brown, Hazelnut has the power to enlarge a room and infuse a very natural feeling atmosphere. Not to mention it’s a great shade to relax!

Because of its wood color, Hazelnut is also the perfect neutral color for a room with vegetation.

These are just a few neutral favorites coming up in 2019. It’s time to refresh your home with some new colors that will bring out the best in you and “wow!” your visitors!

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