Accessorize Your Cabinets!

accessorize your cabinetsHave you ever wondered how design is influenced by fashion? The color of the year is based on what is trending for women’s shoes and handbags. Women know that you can jazz up an outfit or change the look of an outfit just by adding accessories to it, especially jewelry. If you think about this, it is really no hidden secret. So, why not translate these ideals into your home as well?

Cabinets normally take up large spaces in a home. You may not think of them as furniture, but they are. They are in your kitchen, laundry room, bathrooms, wet bars, offices, media room, etc. Most people concentrate so much on what they want the finish to be or what type of door style they want that, they brush over the most important part of the cabinet, the hardware. I have found in all my years of being an interior designer that most cabinet shops and builders do not feel this is an important part. Some feel that a knob is a knob and a pull is just a pull, but this is just not so. You can really pull the look and feel of a space together with these finishing touches. This is why I like to call the pulls and knobs for cabinets, cabinet jewelry.

accessorize your cabinets

If we were all alike we would have one knob and one pull, but we each enjoy a different style. Your personal taste can be anything from very elaborate, with tons of Swarovski Crystals to very simple, copper finishes. If you’re looking into purchasing, there are many cabinet hardware companies out there. Edgar Berebi has many styles from very traditional, transitional to contemporary. The company has many finishes to choose from and allows the consumer to add any color of the Swarovski crystal to the chosen knob or pull. If you would like texture along with nature, Schaub and Company has fantastic knobs and pulls that have mica, abalone, mother of pearl, pen shell, etc. Of course, one may not want to use such elaborate knobs throughout their entire home. There are plenty of choices on the less elaborate hardware which can impact the space just as an elaborate knob would.

Or, let’s say maybe you’d just like to dress up the areas that you feel are the important areas of your home. The other areas, while still important, may not need the same attention; however, the decision of the knob or pull is equally important in all spaces of your home. Cabinet finishes are also important to look at when selecting jewelry. Most cabinet hardware companies have at least 5-6 different finishes to choose from. Satin nickel or oil rubbed bronze are not your only options. One of the largest compliments to me is when someone walks through a space, and comments on the cabinets, but really concentrates on how the cabinet “jewelry” actually brings the entire space together. So if you are building, or just wanting to add finishing touches to your home, think about how your cabinets can be dressed up with simply changing the cabinet hardware. You will truly be amazed!

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