Window Treatments In Pensacola That Are Hassle-Free

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Window Treatments in Pensacola are part of today’s smart home arsenal.

You can have everything from smart door locks, thermostats and speakers, refrigerators, and yes…smart shades!

Just like the array of other smart home products available, smart shades help add convenience to your day to day by giving you key benefits you wouldn’t get otherwise.

Here Is A Look At Each

Effortless Shade Control – With smart shades, you can raise or lower shades from inside your home. You can also use the same app to control shades from the airport, a beach—anywhere you happen to be.

Having hassle-free control is not only convenient, it also makes it easy to adjust shades on hard-to-reach windows or for anyone with limited mobility to raise and lower shades.

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Simple Scene Setting – A scene is a preset shade level (open, closed or somewhere in-between) that you can create and save in an app. With a “good morning” scene, your shade would raise to exactly the level you had previously set and saved, with the touch of a button or a voice command.

Enhanced Security – Give your home a lived-in look while you’re away on vacation—and give yourself greater peace of mind—by scheduling shades to raise and lower at set times during the day.

And if your smart shades integrate with other manufacturers’ smart home devices or home automation systems, you can enhance security even more.

Improved UV Protection – Over time, the sun’s rays can damage furniture, flooring and even fine artwork. With smart shades, you can block those rays when they’re at their highest during the day, without going from window to window to lower them manually.

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