Pensacola Interior Designer Trends You Should Try In 2021

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We are stepping into a new year with fresh Pensacola Interior Designer trends and a deeper appreciation for the role our homes play in our daily lives!

The way we furnish and decorate our living spaces is more important now than ever!

To find out what home design trends will look like in the coming year we will talk about design trends, including the most popular decorating styles, colors, and materials.

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Easy Cleaning Surfaces

Currently, designers have predicted that easy-to-clean materials will rise in popularity as a way to curb the spread of germs indoors. You should look for non-porous materials such as glass and metal, which are less susceptible to bacteria growth and offer easy cleaning.

On rugs, upholstery and other soft surfaces, fabrics specially designed to resist stains and daily wear will also rise in popularity!.

Warm Colors

Next, expect shades to warm up in 2021! After the stress of this past year, our homes need more comfort and warmth more than ever! Cozy neutrals and rich earth tones are a top 2021 color trend that embodies those characteristics.

For example, look to add paint and fabrics that have yellow or red undertones for a soft, inviting effect.

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Calming Blues

Likewise, soft shades of blue have a calming effect that designers predict homeowners will crave in 2021. Blue gives a soothing feel inside homes which is more appreciated than ever during these times!

Colors have a high impact on our mood and behaviors and shades of blues are the perfect color to relax our minds and center ourselves!

Closed Floor Plans

Recently, many of us have had to co-exist under the same roof all day and night. The appeal of open floor plans, where each room flows seamlessly into the next, has greatly diminished due to this!

Carve out a designated space for different activities, such as remote work or homeschooling to allow for more privacy and limited distractions.

Natural Options

Natural materials such as leather, light-toned wood, ceramics, and plants will continue to furnish homes this year.

It looks best when layering a variety of natural finishes within a space to create depth and texture. Top a large jute rug with a smaller wool one or accessorize using pillows and throws made with organic fibers!

Living In Nostalgia

Finally, one of the biggest 2021 decorating trends isn’t new at all! Past design styles like the Victorian-era and Art Deco are making a comeback as people turn to nostalgia for comfort and security.

For interior design we can see an old-meets-new trend will emerge through gilded finishes, floral prints, and ornamental details that offer contemporary takes on historic styles!

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