Not Hardwood, Not Tile but….CARPET!

Have you ever walked into someones home and thought “wow, this hardwood sure is comfy”? Of course not. Unless you’re into things like drinking your coffee black and enjoy sleeping on concrete, hard floors don’t give the “cozy” vibe.

Not Hardwood, Not Tile but carpet

Carpet is inviting and can make any space feel warm and cozy. Just know there are a few things to consider before making your purchase. Carpet comes in many weights as well as style choices. It is really up to the consumer to know their likes, dislikes as well as the overall look they are trying to achieve.

Carpeting has three main construction styles which are cut pile, loop pile, and cut and loop pile. Cut pile carpet is still the number one choice in most residential homes although the loop pile is gaining popularity.

There are different types of cut pile carpet to meet the consumers’ needs and wants. The four types of cut pile carpet are saxony, plush, textured and frieze. It is a good idea to know what these different styles, along with their characteristics. It is also good to know that Nylon carpet is still the most resilient on the market today.

Saxony carpet is a cut pile. It comes in many weights. This carpet tends to show footprints because of the light reflection of the fiber. You can vacuum an area of carpet and depending which way the fiber direction is changed you may see the carpet has a darker or lighter hue. You may not find this at all suitable to your lifestyle. Who wants to worry about how you vacuum or making sure you back out of a room with the vacuum to ensure that you have the carpet the same direction with NO footprints.

Plush carpet is cut pile carpet. The plush carpet can have the same tendencies as the above mentioned saxony carpet. Some of the plush carpets use non-shinny yarn to reduce the overall look of the shade variations that may occur with vacuuming or overall foot traffic.

Textured carpet is a cut pile carpet. It is one that the consumer looks at because of its texture. It is also called “trackless.” This is misleading because the consumer feels that you will not see any footprints on the carpet or carpet lines. Although this is not the case, the overall look does show fewer shade markings. This is because on this cut pile the fiber is curled to reduce light reflectance. Since the yarn is curled and kinked it may cause a two toned shade variation to occur.

The frieze carpet is a cut pile carpet. Out of the four styles of cut carpet, this is the one that disguises the footprints and vacuum prints the best. This is due to the yarns having a high twist. Some people tend to not choose this style of carpet because it can remind them of a shag carpet. Again it is all about ones preference.

The last carpet I want to talk about is the loop pile. When one thinks of a loop pile, a berber carpet. The berber carpet normally is an olefin or polypropylene which is a dyed plastic. Plastic does not have a good resiliency but it will not fade in sunlight. There are berbers out that have nylon. This is a better choice because the nylon has a resiliency but can fade with sunlight. One caution in using a berber carpet is that it can tend to run if pulled on a diagonal. Meaning if you catch a loop with your heel, the fiber will be pulled in a diagonal direction. Also if you have to seam the carpet together, the seam may show more than with a cut pile carpet which is easier to hide the seam.

Choosing carpet for your home is a good choice. It is really up to the individual taste of the consumer to the style that they choose. It is one way to warm up a space as well as giving the area another dimension and texture.

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