The Heartbeat of Your Home


Since the mid 80’s homes have been evolving to more of an open floor plan.  More individuals are wanting a floor plan that allows the kitchen to be placed in a central location of their home where it is able to be seen from several rooms.  Some have thought this may be just a phase, but this is just not so.  It has become one of the most important areas in any residential design concept.  It is where you and your family cook, eat, and entertain friends and family.  For this reason, it is thought of as the heartbeat of the home.

In designing your home you must take in consideration your choices on flooring, counters, backsplashes, along with colors that are decided for  the kitchen because many times this area is a connecting space between other areas of your home.  Of course the kitchen can still be an individual space, but just make sure the rooms that stem from the kitchen are brought together with an overall cohesive design.

When deciding what your style is, remember that you are not pigeon holed to one style, and that most homes do have an eclectic or transitional look and feel. A lot of times a client will have items that have been passed down or items that they have acquired throughout their lifetime that will play in some part on their overall design concept.

Moving forward, the cabinet doors will play a critical role in your overall design.  If you use raised panel doors it gives a very traditional feel.  If you use sleek doors with very clean lines this is going to give more of a modern feel.  Now, this is not to say that you can’t use either of these style for a transitional style, again this is where it would it depend on the items that you have acquired or purchased to go with this style.

Also surprisingly enough, it has also become increasingly popular to reflect your personal style through the counter tops as well. Now with the multitude of quartz and granite you are able to turn your counters into a work of art.  The movement and color choices are limitless and a excellent way to bring out your personality or anything you want to portray in your overall design.  However do remember quartz is going to be more consistent in what you are seeing from a sample.  If you choose granite, it may look very different from what you see in a small sample.  For this reason it is really a good idea to go to a granite yard and choose the exact slab(s) you want to use.  Once you have chosen your counter, you have the option to continue the counter up your walls or choose an eccentric tile for your backsplash.  Be sure to take the overall movement of the counter into consideration though.  You wouldn’t want the backsplash to fight the counters, it instead needs to complement them.  Flooring is also something you have to stay mindful of when making your design choices.

Most importantly, just remember the kitchen is the heart of your home in more ways than just a place for congregation, it is the overall heartbeat,  in that it is able to radiate your overall design style throughout your home.

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