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Destin Interior Design FurnitureIf you know anything about Destin Interior Design then you know that the kind of furniture you choose for your space matters! You should not only mind the design but the quality as well!

One of our favorite furniture brands is Stanley Furniture, which was founded in 1924 by Thomas B. Stanley, a farmer-turned-industrialist who later became Governor of Virginia.

In 1957, as Governor, he even hosted Queen Elizabeth on what was called the Royal Visit to Virginia, which celebrated the 350th anniversary of the founding of Jamestown!

Like most manufacturing companies that started in the early part of the 20th century, Stanley Furniture was founded on humble beginnings as the Industrial Revolution swept through the South and workers moved from farm to factory.

With them, they brought the skills, work ethic and craftsmanship requisite to build a company that places integrity above all else.

Stanley Furniture has a 94-year history of building exceptional wood furniture. These specialists pledge to deliver striking designs, exquisite finishes and superior quality at every turn!

It is the synthesis of these details that build genuine, tangible value and a product that complements the well-furnished life.

Choose Stanley Furniture Or Another Excellent Option With Defined Interiors 

Stanley Furniture is a great choice especially for those who live on the coast! The bright wood designs fit perfectly for any tropical paradise you reside!

At Defined Interiors, Stanley Furniture is just one of the many great lines of furniture we carry for Destin Interior Design! With our team of experts, we will put together a comfortable and functional space that you and all of your visitors will fall in love with!

Get everything you want with us. Call (850) 934-7776 today!

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