Destin Interior Design Advice To Make A Room Look Bigger

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A small bathroom is inconvenient to deal with so our Destin Interior Design experts want to help you make it appear bigger!

Every bathroom must include the necessities – a toilet, sink and faucet and a shower or bathtub. No matter how small the bathroom, these things must be in there.

Here are a few best ways to make any room like a bathroom look bigger!

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Use A Floating Vanity

In a small bathroom it can be hard knowing how to balance your storage space and the extra space you want to move around. A floating vanity is the perfect answer!

These vanities give you room to for the daily essentials with open flooring underneath to make the area feel bigger. Having a big more room for your feet can make a big difference!

Go With A Big Mirror

A big mirror can double the size of your bathroom! Splurge on a mirror with a beautiful frame or go wall to wall with a customized piece!

The effect of mirrors is so great that most need nothing else to make the room look perfect! This can be especially effective in rooms with small walls that don’t take much glass to cover.

Good Lighting Matters

Good lighting is important to making any area look bigger and open, but in bathrooms especially! Often times, there isn’t much natural light available, and in a bathroom where you get ready its importance can’t be overstated!

The key is to have a rich lighting scheme, preferably with multiple light sources at different locations. You can even try changing your ceiling light to one with multiple bulbs so you have light coming from several directions from one fixture.

Talk with a Destin Interior Design professional about ceiling lights, sconces or a contemporary edge-lighted mirror to help you avoid shadows and make it feel bright and open! (850) 934-7776

White On Everything

One of the easiest ways to make your room bigger is to use lots of white! White is especially effective for bathrooms since they have lots of white things already (toilet, tub, sink) so using white for other surfaces creates a seamless look.

White naturally recedes and also reflects light rather than absorbing it, making the room look bigger!

Not a fan of everything white? You can still have that airy effect with a one-tone palette in a warm beige, soft grays or even faint hues like powder blue.

Have Everything You Want

With Defined Interiors, you can have it all! We work with you to make you fall in love with your entire space, even the smallest details!

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