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When trying new things for your Pensacola Interior Design, you should know there are several benefits of using wallpaper!

The most obvious benefit of using wallpaper is the huge variety of decorating options you have.

With wallpaper, you can choose from hundreds of colors, patterns, and designs. You can even vary the way the wallpaper is placed in the room!

Some rooms look great with a accent wall, while others look best with full wallpapering.

As a homeowner, wallpaper becomes an extension of your personality. Call our design expert today for assistance! (850) 934-7776

Wallpaper Is Cleanable

To start, wallpaper is easy to clean! Most of today’s wallpaper selections are coated so that they wipe clean from common household mess.

For rooms where the walls are prone to get dirty, wallpaper is a great option. Besides being easy to clean, the patterns on the paper will help hide dirt and smudges.

Wallpaper Is Durable

Next, wallpaper is durable and long lasting! It holds up to the wear and tear of life, like children or conditions in high traffic areas.

Did you know that wallpaper now can last up to five times longer than paint under typical conditions?

Most wallpapers last for 10-15 years, allowing the beauty of your Pensacola Interior Design to show a long time once it is installed!

On the other hand, a painted wall cracks and chips over time, requiring more frequent attention to keep it looking fresh. With paint, walls will likely need to be repainted after a few years and requires more messy work!

Wallpaper Can Be Impactful

Finally, wallpaper can make a dramatic impact! If you are looking to make a bold statement, wallpaper will benefit you!

An amazing and fun benefit of wallpaper is being able to create an accent wall in a home or office. With so many design and color options, we guarantee you will love the results.

Work With An Interior Designer

There are so many benefits to wallpaper! The key is to get the right wallpaper for your vision!

Visit our store for the best selections of wallpapers or call Defined Interiors and we will bring samples to you!

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