5 Bathroom Updating Tips From An Expert Pensacola Interior Designer

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When is the best time to update your bathroom with an expert Pensacola Interior Designer? Now!

Why suffer with a bad layout, outdated decor, or inefficient window treatments? If you plan to move out, your updates could even pay off in a higher listing price or a quicker sale.

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Here are 5 tips to keep in mind when thinking about updating your bathroom!

Establish A Budget

First, you want to establish a budget! Whether you want to gut the entire bathroom and start from scratch or just make minor cosmetic changes, it’s important to know how much you want to spend before you start.

It is also a good idea to set money aside for unexpected finds, such as mold or plumbing problems.

Make A Wish List

Now it is time to evaluate your existing bathroom. What do you like and what do you want to change?

Write down the features you’ve always wanted in a bathroom. Group them according to needs and by importance. Design magazines and websites are a great source to gather inspiration!

Use Quality Help

Whatever the size of your bathtub or shower, keep in mind that working within a room’s existing footprint might not offer the ideal design solution! It may require some professional work.

The most important thing is to have high-quality installers and other help. Also, invest in items that can’t be changed easily, such as flooring and shower area, and don’t overlook practical features such as good lighting and storage!

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Design With The Future In Mind

Next, if you plan on staying in your home five years or less, design with reselling in mind! Think of what’s hot on the market currently and what appeals to the visitor’s eye!

If you are planning to live there longer than that, design the bathroom for yourself because the look will be considered dated by the time you put the home on the market (if you ever want to leave).

Call On An Expert

Even if you plan on doing a small update or even some of a remodel yourself, consult a professional!

Professionals know what your budget can buy and they can give you advice on how to save and where to splurge. We can also help you avoid costly mistakes!

Full Service Interior Design

Defined Interiors offers full service interior design in Northwest Florida where the client has full control to make all decisions without any of the headache!

With the ability to customize different furniture pieces, we are committed to finding something you have always dreamt of.

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