4 Decorating Tips For Beautiful Destin Interior Design

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Sometimes you need a little help where to start when tackling Destin Interior Design projects.

Whether you are furnishing a new home, updating your kitchen or want to refresh a rental, here are our top four tips for beautiful design!

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First, think of how you want your space to feel. Here is an easy way to get an idea: look inside your closet. Do you prefer tailored pieces, or looser comfortable items? Do you have a favorite color or pattern?

Another way to help you determine your style is to think of key words that explain how you want a space to feel. Traditional, formal, elegant? Playful, colorful, inviting? Monochromatic, timeless, modern?

This can be used as a starting point to help you design the interior of your home.


Next, it is a lot easier for people to express what they do not like than what they do like! By putting dislikes into the equation, we can eliminate some things and focus on others.

For example, a bold large-scale print might not be what you want to see in your own space. Or a certain kind of chair might bring back memories of being sent to time-outs for pulling your sister’s hair.

Likewise, a certain color might evoke feelings of a past design trend that you aren’t eager to repeat. These memories and reactions are very personal and individual, but also define our tastes.

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Some Destin Interior Design can be overwhelming without professional help. To start, we usually suggest from the ground up.

It will not matter if you want or have hardwood floors, stone, area rugs, tile, or carpet; It is a much easier approach to make your final floor covering decision first, and then work your way up.  

If you select a neutral tone or natural fiber without a lot of pattern or color, you have more options with colors or upholstery. If you start with an antique rug, you can draw colors from the rug to formulate a color palette.

It is important to plan, otherwise you end up with too many things going on in one space.


Finally, planning around how much space you have is essential. People often use furniture that is too big or too small. Balance out your room by planning around the furniture that you actually have space for.

For larger rooms, consider establishing zones for different activities such as a seating area and a place for watching movies, or a work area with a desk or table.

Proportion and scale are key to any design. It can be a lot to think about on your own, so contact an expert from Defined Interiors to handle the work!

Create Something Beautiful With Professional Assistance

We feel it is important to not just hear the client, but to listen to what they are trying to convey through their space.

Working with people day in and day out encourages us to give our clients the best customer service possible. We want you to feel comfortable with us!

We focus on meeting the client’s standards and needs in an effective, stress-free manner. Give us a call today to start on your Destin Interior Design! (850) 934-7776

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