3 Types of Lighting and How to Use Them

As a Pensacola Interior Designer we know it’s very common that people overlook the lighting in their homes!

What most people don’t know is that the lighting is a key component to interior design! Lighting also affects your ability to perform certain tasks within your space.

There are 3 types of lighting to consider when putting together your home: Ambient, Task and Accent lighting.

We recommend using a mix of these types of lighting to achieve the best effect! Allow Defined Interiors to assist! (850) 934-7776

Let’s learn about the 3 types of lighting and the best way they can be used!


Ambient lighting is a basic form of lighting that is used to replace sunlight.

Also called General Lighting, ambient light provides overall illumination of a room, creating uniform lighting that allows you to perform tasks and move around safely.

You can accomplish this type of lighting with many different options that include ceiling-mounted fixtures that are directed downward, wall sconces and also cove or soffit lighting!


Task lighting is used in to illuminate a particular area of a room for specific tasks like bathing, reading or cooking. Task lighting should be soft without any glare or shadows but bright enough to prevent eye strain!

Achieve task lighting with track lights or under-cabinet lighting, as well as portable floor and desk lamps that are on separate controls from your general lighting.


When used properly, Accent lighting, also called highlighting, can add an extra dimension to a room and make the room look larger! Accent lights are also used to highlight architectural details like brick walls, columns, moldings and trims.

This type of light creates a great visual point of interest, helping to create drama in a space. You can also use accent lighting to draw attention to a particular object such as  artwork, sculptures, plants or bookcases!

Spotlights and wall mounts are the best choices to achieve the dramatic focus of accent lights.

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