3 Things Your Pensacola Interior Designer Notices

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If a Pensacola Interior Designer were to walk through your front door right now, what would this professional think of the place you call home?

We will tell you right now: plenty! And that’s even before you have given the pro the grand tour.

Interior designers, with their sharply honed sensibilities, can take in a space in seconds. In case you’re curious about what jumps out at interior designers when they first enter a home, here’s an unsettling glimpse.

But don’t beat yourself up if you recognize your home in some of these criticisms; these flaws are entirely fixable. Simply call us! (850) 934-7776

1. A Weird Flow

The first thing designers easily notice is whether your furniture placement promotes good flow of traffic. Most living rooms and family rooms have a focal wall that’s anchored by a fireplace or television, which means your chairs and couches should be arranged to face this point without causing you to walk awkwardly around them.

We see this problem happening a lot with open floor plans, with pieces defeating the whole ‘open’ idea. The solution? Less is more! Remove all the extra chairs and side tables to create a natural path in and out of your space.

2. Poor Lighting

Next, you should know that the wrong lighting can ruin even the best interior design! When you walk into a home, you don’t want the overall look to be dark and drab because there is not enough of the right kinds of light.

Of course, we can’t all have the perfect natural light, but you can fix what you need rather easily. Sit in each chair or section of the room and determine whether you can read easily. If not, add in the missing table or floor lamps; don’t rely on one big overhead light!

Work with our Pensacola Interior Designer for window treatments that will provide you the perfect lighting! (850) 934-7776

3. No Sense Of Scale

Do you have tiny lamps on huge tables? How about a king-size bed in an extremely small room? Scale matters.

Designers notice the layout and scale of pieces in a room. What happens is most people buy whole-room packages at the furniture store instead of choosing complementary items in the correct sizes for their space.

To fix this, try to mix and match your styles and the stores where you shop. This way, you will end up with a more interesting, inviting space!

Full Service Interior Design

The truth is interior designers notice all the small details within a home or office. That’s why we are so great at what we do!

Allow us to give your home a professional touch. Contact a Pensacola Interior Designer from Defined Interiors to get started! (850) 934-7776

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