Destin Interior Designer Reviews Top 4 New Trends

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As we begin a new year, our Destin Interior Designer says it’s time to start planning a new look by thinking about what will be trending in 2023.

From an emphasis on meaningful items to hidden refrigerators, get ready to upgrade your favorite spaces with the elements that designers expect to see everywhere this year!

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Meaningful Objects

First, focus on authenticity and prioritize your joy! Ultimately, the objects we fill our homes with hold the most power to ease our anxieties and make us happy.

Maybe it’s your grandmother’s collection of magnets, or your guilty pleasure for antique maps—whatever it is that brings life and personality to your living space is on trend!

Wine Displays

Next, it might be hard to believe, but homeowners are moving away from wine cellars and are using wine storage like an art collection!

Hire an interior designer to help you fashion a wall of wine that adds intrigue and acts as art in your space.

Bold Marble

Adding marble to your kitchen creates a beautiful focal point and adds a touch of drama. We are seeing more and more homeowners incorporating this type of bold statement piece into their homes.

You can achieve this look with colors, unique veining styles, or both!

Sleek Appliances

Finally, consumers are opting for sleek looks and wanting their cabinets and appliances to compliment their overall design!

Induction stoves and ranges are especially gaining traction because of the smooth look and efficiency. Not only do they look great in the space, they also offer really great performance.

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